Training at KCPS

Working with Bodies with Susie Orbach

Susie Orbach author of Fat is a Feminist Issue and many other publications. She is a practicing psychoanalyst, seeing couples and individuals and has been an advisor to the NHS.

At this stimulating seminar, Susie will explore how the body has grown to be a complicated area, understanding the impact of early encounters with parents and cultural influence. Susie will explore our challenges as therapistsas we witness conflicts with emotional difficulties and unfolding concerns for the body. Susie is adamant that we need new theories to understand eating problem, self harming and body images.

17th November 2017


Avril Leonard who works as a Psychotherapist at The Brenchley Unit will teach us in depth about Mentalization.

The overall aim of Mentalization-Based Treatment is to develop a therapeutic process in which the mind of the patient becomes the focus of treatment. The focus is on the patient finding out more about how she/he thinks and feels about him/herself and others, how that influences responses to self and others and how "errors" in understanding lead to actions in an attempt to retain or regain emotional stability and to make sense of incomprehensible feelings.

The model was developed for working with Borderline Personality Disorder but the skills course has a broader applicability too.
The core focus of the treatment is relational.
The training will make for interesting learning and lively discussion.

Saturday 13th January & Saturday 27th January

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